5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Campervan Trip

The popularity of the campervan is presently sweeping the world at an unprecedented rate. Many people are attracted to using these vans when they are camping due to their unique features. If you use them, you will use tiny kitchens and beds that you can transform into dinner tables whenever you want.

This means you will be able to enjoy the freedom of the wild outdoors as well as the comfort of modern luxuries concurrently. If you do everything right, you will not find anything missing on your list of needs. Here are the tips that you need to avoid last-minute regrets.

Ensure you Can Safely Drive the Van

If you are not able to drive your van, you need to do some practice before you set out for the journey. Here, we are not talking about whether you have the right license or have been driving your car. It is more challenging to drive a car than a van.

One needs to be used to the size and turning radius of these smaller vehicles to be able to drive them safely. Feel free to ask about manual versus automatic transition. Once you are sure of your competence, you can hit checkout.

Check the Gear

Before you go, however, be sure you make a comprehensive list of all that you will need on the trip. Use the list to confirm that you have everything that you want in the van, In case anything is missing, ask about it. You need enough meals and some extra snacks. But do not overpack. Remember, you do not need to forget your towels or anything else because you will need them for you to enjoy your camping trip.

Understand What Your Insurance Covers

Many camping companies will include comprehensive insurance in your rate. So, when something terrible happens, you will be able to get their financial support. However, do not be like many people who assume that this policy automatically covers everything. We can say that the name is a little misleading. Therefore, for you to be safe, be fully informed on the nature of coverage that you will enjoy.

You should also know what is not covered. In most cases, you will find that damage to the interior and undercarriage of the vehicle are not included. Others that you usurer may not bother to pay are the use of incorrect fuel, lost keys, personal loss of belongings, recovery of bogged cars that are driven off the road, damage of water systems, and more.

Since you should be aiming at protecting everything on board, consider having your own insurance cover.

Use Security Devices

You need to install devices that will scare untrustworthy people or make it easy for you to find the right way back home in case of any eventuality. Some people buy stickers with a “Dog Onboard” sign. Others get some RFID security stickers. They use this method to create the impression that they have these dogs in the van or have installed some efficient security systems. 

Thus, you will find out that when push moves to shove, potential thieves likely move on to the next campervan before they think about attacking yours. Another thing that you can use is the portable door lock. When you leave, place them on the doors. If someone tries to enter your van or camping site, a huge alarms sound is emitted to enhance your security.

There are other highly efficient means too. You can use the most efficient ELD devices for truckers to aid you in monitoring your automated- elogs, GPS location, or on-duty status. Your company can also benefit from this device. When they connect it with their management software for fleet, they will be able to get real-time driving status.

Check here for a complete list of best ELD devices that you need to achieve such a high level of security. As you can see, you can use technology to know your location, keep the right people informed about your whereabouts, and scare away would-be-thieves.

Share the Driving

The driving load could make your journey boring if it is too much. Ensure you go with an experienced driver who you like. One of your close friends or family members can do.

If you do not intend to make such plans, schedule for enough rest stops. You can do this especially if you are not used to it. 

This way, you will enjoy the journey, as you intend.

Bottom Line

For a successful campervan pickup, you need to have a good understanding of your vehicle. Moreover, you should understand what is insured or what is not and take the necessary precautions.

And since your security and that of your loved ones is the most important thing to you, you should use the right technology to ensure wild animals or thugs have no access to you. This way, you will minimize the risks and the anxiety and be able to focus on the excellent traveling experience fully.


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