For the Camper, you won’t find anything missing on your list of needs. From Stoves to Tents, Dry Foods to Beverages and Snacks. We have almost everything for you. Sportsworld has all the latest trends in camping equipment and knows the right camping gear for this area.

Camping Equipment: Coleman, American Camper, Stansport, Outdoor Products, Brinkman, Mountain Safety Research, Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods.

The knowledgeable employees at Sportsworld will always give the best advice on camping in White Pine County.


Welcome to the Bike Shop! Available here are many various brands of bikes. Some of our larger brand name bikes include Redline, KHS Bicycles, Eastern, Torker and Hoffman. Not only do we offer complete bicycles, but we also have any part you be looking to replace on a bicycle. Anything from forks to bars, headsets to cranks, wheels to pedals, seats to brake systems…we are readily available to help you find what you need and at the right price.

Now, it’s called the Bike Shop, but we also work well in other areas too, often times working on Skateboards we sell in the shop. We offer a highly respectable assortment of skateboards and skateboard parts. Some of our brands are Darkstar, Toy Machine, Element, Zero, Pig, Enjoi, and many, many more. We also carry a variety of parts if you’re looking to build a custom board, we offer trucks, wheels, bearings, risers, hardware, grip tape, skate tools, etc. This is a selection you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

The bike shop is a full-service shop which redefines the definition of quality. We handle all of our bike repairs in a timely manner, and at affordable prices. The bike shop mechanics will be more than happy to repair any mishap that may have occurred along your journey, be it on the way to the supermarket or on your trip across the country…Colton and Ryan are here to help!