Top 5 Hummingbird feeders illustrated

Having a well-nourished garden is not only a delight to you but it also acts as a home to other species too. Butterflies, hummingbirds and other birds will come to your garden, feed on flowers, fruits and seeds and it is most likely that they will make a nice little nest for them to live. Once you have these visitors, flying around your garden, it only makes it more beautiful.

Whether you are new to gardening or an expert, always keep in mind to be the most help to nature. It gives you a chance to give something back to nature which gives you joy and happiness, the two fundamentals that everyone craves. If your garden is large enough, you can have a nice little pond in a corner somewhere where you can experience fishing.

In the current context, we are going to take a look at the best hummingbird feeders and if needed, you can also reference check them. In order to buy a feeder that fits your needs, you have to take into account several factors which are discussed below.

Factors to consider while buying a hummingbird feeder

If you an experienced gardener, then you might know what kind of feeder suits you best but if you are new to this, you will have to answer all of the questions in your mind concerning a hummingbird feeder. The most common questions that come to mind when you are buying a feeder are as follows.

  • What should be the size of the hummingbird feeder?
  • Should it be made of glass, steel or plastic?
  • Will it attract hummingbirds?
  • What color will be the most appealing to birds?
  • Is it large enough to feed several birds at the same time?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it affordable?

5 best hummingbird feeders to meet your needs

The best of the hummingbird feeders are illustrated below to make hummers come to your garden and stay there for a longer time.

1. First Nature Hummingbird feeder

The first important factor that comes to mind is the durability of the feeders. The feeder under discussion provides the best durability and comes in a size of 16-ounce which is large enough to feed 10 birds at the same time. The bottle that contains the nectar is also durable and it does not leak, hence preventing a lot of mess.

The attractive coloring of the feeder will also look appealing to birds and the bottleneck is also wide which makes it easier to get in there and clean. It can easily be placed on a hanger and it is strong enough to bear the weight of birds if they decide to rest on it for a while.

2. First Nature 3090, 32-ounce

This immense flower feeder is the best choice for you if you a lot of birds visiting your garden every day. The red color of the feeder attracts the birds from far away and it has 10 flower heads where birds can land. 32oz of nectar is enough to feed more than 20 birds at the same time and it makes them visit every day.

The wide base and neck of the feeder make it very easy to clean and as it is made of polycarbonate material, it is durable and doesn’t leak. It also has an ant moat which keeps the intruders from disturbing the birds.

3. Parasol BLOOMPAQ hummingbird feeder Aqua

A gorgeously designed hummingbird feeder which comes in a beautiful blue color that catches the eye. It is made of glass material which can be recycled and has flowers heads that only allow hummingbirds to feed on the nectar while keeping bees and bugs away. The decanter style looks tremendously dashing and it makes the filling and cleaning of the feeder quite easy.

4. Stokes Select 38110 hummingbird feeder

This uniquely designed hummingbird feeder is one of the highest-rated feeders in the market. Ruby prism shape of the feeder makes it very appealing and it also has a steel base that has flower heads for the hummies to land on and feed. The red-colored prism style having a smooth surface and modern design is just what you need for your garden.

It can hold 24oz of nectar which makes it one of the best feeders and as it has a steel base, it is very strong and nectar doesn’t leak from it.

5. Aspects HummZinger HighView, 12oz

It is a type of hummingbird that can be hung anywhere in your garden with the most ease. It has a dish design which makes the birds keep coming back to get more. It has a built-in ant moat which keeps the insects away and protects the nectar from being stolen. The dish design makes it easier to clean and enhances its durability; no leaking.

The 12oz of nectar and 4 ports is meant to feed 4 hummingbirds at the same time. It is also economical which makes it a perfect choice if money seems to be a problem for you.